The city of Singapore, celebrates Chinese New Year on a grand scale. Beginning with Chinatown where all things red are being displayed, the auspicious colour for good luck and warding off evil. An ancient tradition behind a Chinese folklore about Nian, a ferocious monster who attacked the villagers every year at the end of winter, as he ransacked their food supplies and damaged their properties. The villagers scattered and hid among the mountains in fear, until one day an ingenious greyed hair beggar saved the day. He decorated the village in red, lit on candles and set on some noisy firecrackers. He was terrified at what he saw, he fled and vow never to return again.

The tradition continues till now, hence the Chinese love their red lanterns, red prosperity banners and red ‘ang pow’ packets that contain money as gifts. Another highlight is the annual Chingay Parade, which will be held on the 15th–16thFebruary, not forgetting the lion dance troupes, with their 100 ft long dragons, lions, drums and cymbals, that dance around the city, performing at homes, offices and retail stores, ushering the Lunar month, as they receive mandarin oranges and ‘ang pow’ in return for blessings the owners. 

On the home front, the festivities last for 15 days, customary event for each day, for instance the 7thday being ‘The birthday of Men’ and 15thday the ‘Full Moon’.The reunion dinner is much looked forward by both adults and children. Most delicacies are sought out from Chinatown and everything that harmonizes with wealth, health and prosperity, to usher such good fortune and blessings all year round. Here are 8 auspicious food that you may want to add to your list; pomelo, pineapple, dumplings, fish, mandarin oranges, Chinese New Year cake, longevity noodles and of course yu-sheng. Yu- Sheng is a must have dish in every CNY gathering whether corporate or private, a salad dish, tossing and lifting the ingredients mainly vegetables for longevity and prosperity sake. 

As you gear up to paint the town red while ushering in the Earthen Pig, this 2019 on the 5thof February, just remember these auspicious customs; bright colours especially red, no black, even numbers in ‘ang pow’ starting from $4, food that harmonizes to usher in blessings. Lastly, get your tickets for the Chingay Parade and you will be all set in the festivity mood for CNY 2019.

Here at Jasper Living, we want to wish you an auspicious and Happy Chinese New Year 2019.